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  • the right solution for select home owners in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale & nearby
  • safety and peace of mind when having someone work in your expensive home
  • use of permits and inspections when needed
  • assurance that your licensed contractor has 22+ years experience

Customize your upscale home with a new kitchen, bathroom remodeling, other home improvement projects or even handyman services, repairs, installations, etc.

Scottsdale custom shower niche made with travertine tile including a travertine shelf. The back of the niche has pebble tile and epoxy grout to match the shower floor. Installation by Paradise UpgradeCustom Travertine Shower Niche
Shower tile installation in Scottsdale. Wall tile is 8"x20" travertine with pebble tile on shower floor. Rain/waterfall shower head and hand-held sprayer. Easy-reach faucet from outside the shower.Shower Renovation, Scottsdale, AZ

Kitchen Remodel in Desert Mountain, AZ | Paradise Upgrade can renovate your Scottsdale kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, backsplash, flooring, paint, electrical, plumbing, and other custom work.

Paradise Upgrade 480-400-4300 Your Licensed Contractor in Desert Mountain, Scottsdale, AZ and nearby

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
Desert Mountain Bathroom Remodel
Desert Mountain Kitchen Remodel
Desert Mountain Home Improvement
Desert Mountain Shower Renovation
Desert Mountain Tile Installation
Desert Mountain Luxury Home Remodeling
Desert Mountain Cabinets Installation
Desert Mountain Bidet Installation
Desert Mountain Backsplash Tile Install
Desert Mountain Home Renovation
Desert Mountain Interior Finishing
Desert Mountain Shelves Installation
Desert Mountain Furniture Assembly
Desert Mountain Door Installation
Desert Mountain Fan Replacement
Desert Mountain TV Install
Desert Mountain Drywall Repair
Desert Mountain Drywall Installation
Desert Mountain Faucet Replacement
Desert Mountain Flooring Installation
Desert Mountain Outlet/Switch Replacement
Desert Mountain Master Bathroom Rehab
Desert Mountain Master Closet Shelves
Desert Mountain Guest Bathroom Remodel
Desert Mountain Bedroom Renovation
Desert Mountain Casita Remodeling
Desert Mountain Washlet Installation
Desert Mountain Microwave Install
Desert Mountain Baseboard Installation
Desert Mountain Light Fixture Install
Desert Mountain Garbage Disposal Change
Desert Mountain Dishwasher Replacement
Desert Mountain Countertops Installation
Desert Mountain Luxury Remodels
Desert Mountain Move-in Home Repairs
Desert Mountain Toilet Replacement
Desert Mountain Vanity Install
Desert Mountain Towel Bars
Desert Mountain Free Standing Tub
Desert Mountain General Contractor
Desert Mountain Handyman
Desert Mountain Licensed Contractor

Contact Paradise Upgrade for:
85262 Bathroom Remodel
85262 Kitchen Remodel
85262 Home Improvement
85262 Shower Renovation
85262 Tile Installation
85262 Luxury Home Remodeling
85262 Cabinets Installation
85262 Bidet Installation
85262 Backsplash Tile Install
85262 Home Renovation
85262 Interior Finishing
85262 Shelves Installation
85262 Furniture Assembly
85262 Door Installation
85262 Fan Replacement
85262 TV Install
85262 Drywall Repair
85262 Drywall Installation
85262 Faucet Replacement
85262 Flooring Installation
85262 Outlet/Switch Replacement
85262 Master Bathroom Rehab
85262 Master Closet Shelves
85262 Guest Bathroom Remodel
85262 Bedroom Renovation
85262 Casita Remodeling
85262 Washlet Installation
85262 Microwave Install
85262 Baseboard Installation
85262 Light Fixture Install
85262 Garbage Disposal Change
85262 Dishwasher Replacement
85262 Countertops Installation
85262 Luxury Remodels
85262 Move-in Home Repairs
85262 Toilet Replacement
85262 Vanity Install
85262 Towel Bars
85262 Free Standing Tub
85262 General Contractor
85262 Handyman
85262 Licensed Contractor

Paradise Upgrade serves all Desert Mountain & DC Ranch villages:

Apache Cottages, Apache Peak, Arrowhead, Chiricahua Villas, Cintarosa, Cintarosa Ranch, Cochise-Geronimo, Cochise Ridge, Deer Run, Desert Fairways, Desert Greens, Desert Hills, Desert Horizons, Eagle Feather, Gambel Quail, Gambel Quail Preserve, Grey Fox, The Haciendas, Lone Mountain, Lookout Ridge, Lost Star, Mountain Skyline, Painted Sky, Renegade Trail, Rose Quartz, Saguaro Forest, Seven Arrows, Sonoran Cottages, Sonoran Ridge, Sunrise, Sunset Canyon, Turquoise Ridge. To better serve your Desert Mountain home, Paradise Upgrade has the eGo tag on vehicles for easy gate access.
Also serving all 4 villages in DC Ranch: Country Club, Desert Camp, Desert Parks, Silverleaf.

Paradise Upgrade - Your Licensed General Contractor in Scottsdale and Carefree, AZ

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel
Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel
Scottsdale Home Improvement
Scottsdale Shower Renovation
Scottsdale Tile Installation
Scottsdale Luxury Home Remodeling
Scottsdale Cabinets Installation
Scottsdale Bidet Installation
Scottsdale Backsplash Tile Install
Scottsdale Home Renovation
Scottsdale Interior Finishing
Scottsdale Shelves Installation
Scottsdale Furniture Assembly
Scottsdale Door Installation
Scottsdale Fan Replacement
Scottsdale TV Install
Scottsdale Drywall Repair
Scottsdale Drywall Installation
Scottsdale Faucet Replacement
Scottsdale Flooring Installation
Scottsdale Outlet/Switch Replacement
Scottsdale Master Bathroom Rehab
Scottsdale Master Closet Shelves
Scottsdale Guest Bathroom Remodel
Scottsdale Bedroom Renovation
Scottsdale Casita Remodeling
Scottsdale Washlet Installation
Scottsdale Microwave Install
Scottsdale Baseboard Installation
Scottsdale Light Fixture Install
Scottsdale Garbage Disposal Change
Scottsdale Dishwasher Replacement
Scottsdale Countertops Installation
Scottsdale Luxury Remodels
Scottsdale Move-in Home Repairs
Scottsdale Toilet Replacement
Scottsdale Vanity Install
Scottsdale Towel Bars
Scottsdale Free Standing Tub
Scottsdale General Contractor
Scottsdale Handyman
Scottsdale Licensed Contractor

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
Carefree Bathroom Remodel
Carefree Kitchen Remodel
Carefree Home Improvement
Carefree Shower Renovation
Carefree Tile Installation
Carefree Luxury Home Remodeling
Carefree Cabinets Installation
Carefree Bidet Installation
Carefree Backsplash Tile Install
Carefree Home Renovation
Carefree Interior Finishing
Carefree Shelves Installation
Carefree Furniture Assembly
Carefree Door Installation
Carefree Fan Replacement
Carefree TV Install
Carefree Drywall Repair
Carefree Drywall Installation
Carefree Faucet Replacement
Carefree Flooring Installation
Carefree Outlet/Switch Replacement
Carefree Master Bathroom Rehab
Carefree Master Closet Shelves
Carefree Guest Bathroom Remodel
Carefree Bedroom Renovation
Carefree Casita Remodeling
Carefree Washlet Installation
Carefree Microwave Install
Carefree Baseboard Installation
Carefree Light Fixture Install
Carefree Garbage Disposal Change
Carefree Dishwasher Replacement
Carefree Countertops Installation
Carefree Luxury Remodels
Carefree Move-in Home Repairs
Carefree Toilet Replacement
Carefree Vanity Install
Carefree Towel Bars
Carefree Free Standing Tub
Carefree General Contractor
Carefree Handyman
Carefree Licensed Contractor

Paradise Upgrade - Your Licensed General Contractor in Cave Creek and Peoria, AZ

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
Cave Creek Bathroom Remodel
Cave Creek Kitchen Remodel
Cave Creek Home Improvement
Cave Creek Shower Renovation
Cave Creek Tile Installation
Cave Creek Luxury Home Remodeling
Cave Creek Cabinets Installation
Cave Creek Bidet Installation
Cave Creek Backsplash Tile Install
Cave Creek Home Renovation
Cave Creek Interior Finishing
Cave Creek Shelves Installation
Cave Creek Furniture Assembly
Cave Creek Door Installation
Cave Creek Fan Replacement
Cave Creek TV Install
Cave Creek Drywall Repair
Cave Creek Drywall Installation
Cave Creek Faucet Replacement
Cave Creek Flooring Installation
Cave Creek Outlet/Switch Replacement
Cave Creek Master Bathroom Rehab
Cave Creek Master Closet Shelves
Cave Creek Guest Bathroom Remodel
Cave Creek Bedroom Renovation
Cave Creek Casita Remodeling
Cave Creek Washlet Installation
Cave Creek Microwave Install
Cave Creek Baseboard Installation
Cave Creek Light Fixture Install
Cave Creek Garbage Disposal Change
Cave Creek Dishwasher Replacement
Cave Creek Countertops Installation
Cave Creek Luxury Remodels
Cave Creek Move-in Home Repairs
Cave Creek Toilet Replacement
Cave Creek Vanity Install
Cave Creek Towel Bars
Cave Creek Free Standing Tub
Cave Creek General Contractor
Cave Creek Handyman
Cave Creek Licensed Contractor

Contact Paradise Upgrade for:
Peoria Bathroom Remodel
Peoria Kitchen Remodel
Peoria Home Improvement
Peoria Shower Renovation
Peoria Tile Installation
Peoria Luxury Home Remodeling
Peoria Cabinets Installation
Peoria Bidet Installation
Peoria Backsplash Tile Install
Peoria Home Renovation
Peoria Interior Finishing
Peoria Shelves Installation
Peoria Furniture Assembly
Peoria Door Installation
Peoria Fan Replacement
Peoria TV Install
Peoria Drywall Repair
Peoria Drywall Installation
Peoria Faucet Replacement
Peoria Flooring Installation
Peoria Outlet/Switch Replacement
Peoria Master Bathroom Rehab
Peoria Master Closet Shelves
Peoria Guest Bathroom Remodel
Peoria Bedroom Renovation
Peoria Casita Remodeling
Peoria Washlet Installation
Peoria Microwave Install
Peoria Baseboard Installation
Peoria Light Fixture Install
Peoria Garbage Disposal Change
Peoria Dishwasher Replacement
Peoria Countertops Installation
Peoria Luxury Remodels
Peoria Move-in Home Repairs
Peoria Toilet Replacement
Peoria Vanity Install
Peoria Towel Bars
Peoria Free Standing Tub
Peoria General Contractor
Peoria Handyman
Peoria Licensed Contractor

Paradise Upgrade - Your Licensed General Contractor in Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
Paradise Valley Bathroom Remodel
Paradise Valley Kitchen Remodel
Paradise Valley Home Improvement
Paradise Valley Shower Renovation
Paradise Valley Tile Installation
Paradise Valley Luxury Home Remodeling
Paradise Valley Cabinets Installation
Paradise Valley Bidet Installation
Paradise Valley Backsplash Tile Install
Paradise Valley Home Renovation
Paradise Valley Interior Finishing
Paradise Valley Shelves Installation
Paradise Valley Furniture Assembly
Paradise Valley Door Installation
Paradise Valley Fan Replacement
Paradise Valley TV Install
Paradise Valley Drywall Repair
Paradise Valley Drywall Installation
Paradise Valley Faucet Replacement
Paradise Valley Flooring Installation
Paradise Valley Outlet/Switch Replacement
Paradise Valley Master Bathroom Rehab
Paradise Valley Master Closet Shelves
Paradise Valley Guest Bathroom Remodel
Paradise Valley Bedroom Renovation
Paradise Valley Casita Remodeling
Paradise Valley Washlet Installation
Paradise Valley Microwave Install
Paradise Valley Baseboard Installation
Paradise Valley Light Fixture Install
Paradise Valley Garbage Disposal Change
Paradise Valley Dishwasher Replacement
Paradise Valley Countertops Installation
Paradise Valley Luxury Remodels
Paradise Valley Move-in Home Repairs
Paradise Valley Toilet Replacement
Paradise Valley Vanity Install
Paradise Valley Towel Bars
Paradise Valley Free Standing Tub
Paradise Valley General Contractor
Paradise Valley Handyman
Paradise Valley Licensed Contractor

Contact Paradise Upgrade for:
85253 Bathroom Remodel
85253 Kitchen Remodel
85253 Home Improvement
85253 Shower Renovation
85253 Tile Installation
85253 Luxury Home Remodeling
85253 Cabinets Installation
85253 Bidet Installation
85253 Backsplash Tile Install
85253 Home Renovation
85253 Interior Finishing
85253 Shelves Installation
85253 Furniture Assembly
85253 Door Installation
85253 Fan Replacement
85253 TV Install
85253 Drywall Repair
85253 Drywall Installation
85253 Faucet Replacement
85253 Flooring Installation
85253 Outlet/Switch Replacement
85253 Master Bathroom Rehab
85253 Master Closet Shelves
85253 Guest Bathroom Remodel
85253 Bedroom Renovation
85253 Casita Remodeling
85253 Washlet Installation
85253 Microwave Install
85253 Baseboard Installation
85253 Light Fixture Install
85253 Garbage Disposal Change
85253 Dishwasher Replacement
85253 Countertops Installation
85253 Luxury Remodels
85253 Move-in Home Repairs
85253 Toilet Replacement
85253 Vanity Install
85253 Towel Bars
85253 Free Standing Tub
85253 General Contractor
85253 Handyman
85253 Licensed Contractor

Paradise Upgrade - Your Licensed General Contractor in Fountain Hills and Rio Verde, AZ

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
Fountain Hills Bathroom Remodel
Fountain Hills Kitchen Remodel
Fountain Hills Home Improvement
Fountain Hills Shower Renovation
Fountain Hills Tile Installation
Fountain Hills Luxury Home Remodeling
Fountain Hills Cabinets Installation
Fountain Hills Bidet Installation
Fountain Hills Backsplash Tile Install
Fountain Hills Home Renovation
Fountain Hills Interior Finishing
Fountain Hills Shelves Installation
Fountain Hills Furniture Assembly
Fountain Hills Door Installation
Fountain Hills Fan Replacement
Fountain Hills TV Install
Fountain Hills Drywall Repair
Fountain Hills Drywall Installation
Fountain Hills Faucet Replacement
Fountain Hills Flooring Installation
Fountain Hills Outlet/Switch Replacement
Fountain Hills Master Bathroom Rehab
Fountain Hills Master Closet Shelves
Fountain Hills Guest Bathroom Remodel
Fountain Hills Bedroom Renovation
Fountain Hills Casita Remodeling
Fountain Hills Washlet Installation
Fountain Hills Microwave Install
Fountain Hills Baseboard Installation
Fountain Hills Light Fixture Install
Fountain Hills Garbage Disposal Change
Fountain Hills Dishwasher Replacement
Fountain Hills Countertops Installation
Fountain Hills Luxury Remodels
Fountain Hills Move-in Home Repairs
Fountain Hills Toilet Replacement
Fountain Hills Vanity Install
Fountain Hills Towel Bars
Fountain Hills Free Standing Tub
Fountain Hills General Contractor
Fountain Hills Handyman
Fountain Hills Licensed Contractor

Contact Paradise Upgrade for:
Rio Verde Bathroom Remodel
Rio Verde Kitchen Remodel
Rio Verde Home Improvement
Rio Verde Shower Renovation
Rio Verde Tile Installation
Rio Verde Luxury Home Remodeling
Rio Verde Cabinets Installation
Rio Verde Bidet Installation
Rio Verde Backsplash Tile Install
Rio Verde Home Renovation
Rio Verde Interior Finishing
Rio Verde Shelves Installation
Rio Verde Furniture Assembly
Rio Verde Door Installation
Rio Verde Fan Replacement
Rio Verde TV Install
Rio Verde Drywall Repair
Rio Verde Drywall Installation
Rio Verde Faucet Replacement
Rio Verde Flooring Installation
Rio Verde Outlet/Switch Replacement
Rio Verde Master Bathroom Rehab
Rio Verde Master Closet Shelves
Rio Verde Guest Bathroom Remodel
Rio Verde Bedroom Renovation
Rio Verde Casita Remodeling
Rio Verde Washlet Installation
Rio Verde Microwave Install
Rio Verde Baseboard Installation
Rio Verde Light Fixture Install
Rio Verde Garbage Disposal Change
Rio Verde Dishwasher Replacement
Rio Verde Countertops Installation
Rio Verde Luxury Remodels
Rio Verde Move-in Home Repairs
Rio Verde Toilet Replacement
Rio Verde Vanity Install
Rio Verde Towel Bars
Rio Verde Free Standing Tub
Rio Verde General Contractor
Rio Verde Handyman
Rio Verde Licensed Contractor

Paradise Upgrade - Licensed General Contractor in Phoenix, AZ

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
Phoenix Bathroom Remodel
Phoenix Kitchen Remodel
Phoenix Home Improvement
Phoenix Shower Renovation
Phoenix Tile Installation
Phoenix Luxury Home Remodeling
Phoenix Cabinets Installation
Phoenix Bidet Installation
Phoenix Backsplash Tile Install
Phoenix Home Renovation
Phoenix Interior Finishing
Phoenix Shelves Installation
Phoenix Furniture Assembly
Phoenix Door Installation
Phoenix Fan Replacement
Phoenix TV Install
Phoenix Drywall Repair
Phoenix Drywall Installation
Phoenix Faucet Replacement
Phoenix Flooring Installation
Phoenix Outlet/Switch Replacement
Phoenix Master Bathroom Rehab
Phoenix Master Closet Shelves
Phoenix Guest Bathroom Remodel
Phoenix Bedroom Renovation
Phoenix Casita Remodeling
Phoenix Washlet Installation
Phoenix Microwave Install
Phoenix Baseboard Installation
Phoenix Light Fixture Install
Phoenix Garbage Disposal Change
Phoenix Dishwasher Replacement
Phoenix Countertops Installation
Phoenix Luxury Remodels
Phoenix Move-in Home Repairs
Phoenix Toilet Replacement
Phoenix Vanity Install
Phoenix Towel Bars
Phoenix Free Standing Tub
Phoenix General Contractor
Phoenix Handyman
Phoenix Licensed Contractor

Contact Mark with Paradise Upgrade for:
DC Ranch Bathroom Remodel
DC Ranch Kitchen Remodel
DC Ranch Home Improvement
DC Ranch Shower Renovation
DC Ranch Tile Installation
DC Ranch Luxury Home Remodeling
DC Ranch Cabinets Installation
DC Ranch Bidet Installation
DC Ranch Backsplash Tile Install
DC Ranch Home Renovation
DC Ranch Interior Finishing
DC Ranch Shelves Installation
DC Ranch Furniture Assembly
DC Ranch Door Installation
DC Ranch Fan Replacement
DC Ranch TV Install
DC Ranch Drywall Repair
DC Ranch Drywall Installation
DC Ranch Faucet Replacement
DC Ranch Flooring Installation
DC Ranch Outlet/Switch Replacement
DC Ranch Master Bathroom Rehab
DC Ranch Master Closet Shelves
DC Ranch Guest Bathroom Remodel
DC Ranch Bedroom Renovation
DC Ranch Casita Remodeling
DC Ranch Washlet Installation
DC Ranch Microwave Install
DC Ranch Baseboard Installation
DC Ranch Light Fixture Install
DC Ranch Garbage Disposal Change
DC Ranch Dishwasher Replacement
DC Ranch Countertops Installation
DC Ranch Luxury Remodels
DC Ranch Move-in Home Repairs
DC Ranch Toilet Replacement
DC Ranch Vanity Install
DC Ranch Towel Bars
DC Ranch Free Standing Tub
DC Ranch General Contractor
DC Ranch Handyman
DC Ranch Licensed Contractor