Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel | Desert Mountain BIDET Installation

This Scottsdale bathroom remodel project focuses on the toilet room within the master bathroom. The homeowners wanted to install a bidet as a separate unit besides the remote-controlled toilet/washlet combo they already have in the same bathroom.

The challenge is to see if we can fit this bidet within the same toilet room without increasing the footprint of the room (which would've come with way more modifications and expenses throughout the master bathroom) while also passing all the required inspections from the Scottsdale building department.

The picture below captures some of this master bathroom and you can see the door to the toilet room. The plan is to install the bidet just behind the door but that can only happen if we move the whole door opening to the left, as shown by the red arrow.

Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel - moving the door

Master bathroom in Desert Mountain, Scottsdale, AZ 85262. The toilet room door must be moved to the left to make room for a bidet to be installed.

If you're wondering how close can the door be to the sink/countertop without being too close - let's take a look at the opposite wall in this bathroom where we have the master bedroom door at 8-7/8" from the sink/countertop and the master closet door at 10-3/4" away from the sink/countertop.

Just as a side note, these doors are 8 ft. tall and made of solid wood so they are extremely heavy. The ceiling is around 9 ft. high.

The door won't look to be too close to the sink/countertop since the opposite wall has these 2 doors within the specified distances from countertops. These doors are 8 ft tall and solid wood - very heavy.

Stepping inside the toilet room will give us a better idea on the proposed bidet location (yellow mark) right behind the door that has to be moved to be somewhat centered between the front of the future bidet and front of the existing toilet/washlet. 

Desert Mountain Master Bathroom Project - proposed location for the bidet, marked with yellow, in the toilet room after the door will be moved.

Here's the proposed door location marked with blue painters' tape. In simple terms, we now have to tear down the wall within the new opening and build a wall where the old door used to be.

Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel - proposed door location

Visual on how where the door will be moved compared to existing location.

There was framing work to be done and electrical work to relocate the switch and fan timer to the other side of the door since the door will now swing to the left (towards the toilet) unlike before when it opened towards the wall on the right. You want to have easy access to the switch once you open the door.

You can also notice the flooring will have to be perfectly repaired to seamlessly flow from the master bathroom to the toilet/bidet room. This is a glued-down engineered flooring (of random lengths up to 6 ft. long boards) that runs throughout most of this Desert Mountain mansion in Scottsdale, AZ 85262.

New door opening build and framing work still going on. Then electrical and plumbing for the bidet.

And here's the door moved to the left about 19 inches and the door opens to the left now. A specific and quite unique type of door stop was installed on 2 of the 4 hinges so the door opens enough to reach 90° (required by code to pass inspection) but does not go too much over the 90 degrees angle since the toilet is on that side of the room, now behind the door.

Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel - new door location

Door moved to new location and project is complete. Door now swings left and the electrical has been moved to the right side for easy reach.

Also required by code is that no obstacle is in the pathway after opening the door and that's why we had to build the wall on the right side so the bidet can fit there without 'sticking out' in the pathway.

You can see the flawless flow of the flooring from one room to the other as if this new door location was always there.

Desert Mountain - bidet installed in the toilet room opposite of the toilet which also has a remote-controlled washlet.Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel

The bidet is connected to both hot and cold water (same as a sink) but it has the shape of a toilet since it's meant for a specific type of personal hygiene... while sitting down on the bidet.

Having the soap dish within easy reach and a towel on the side wall, the bidet is ready whenever you need it. 

Towel, soap and bidet - all ready.

The faucet is easy to control even with one finger and there's an adjustable nozzle that can point the water up-down-left-right as you need it within the oval shape of the bidet.

You can also plug the drain the same way you'd do it for a sink by lifting the device in the back of the faucet. The bidet also has an overflow you can clearly see below, and that's just in case you plug the drain and let the water level rise up too much - the overflow takes care of the extra water.

The edge of the bidet is a bit wider than a toilet and that's to provide you enough comfort when using the bidet.

Bidet faucet shooting water with adjustable nozzle. Easy water temperature adjustment. Wide edge for comfort. Overflow to prevent flood. All inspections passed. Project by Mark with Paradise Upgrade.Paradise Upgrade | Call/Text Mark at: 480-400-4300

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